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02-11-2013, 08:11 PM
Well... The situation is kinda odd.
The most sufficient part - people aren't willing to pay for porn any longer
Especially the "educated" ones. They are spoiled with tubes, illegal forums packed with filelockers links to all latest scenes.
That's an awesome surfers discussion to demonstrate it
You can check it on your own:

Where do you get your porn from?
Voters 41.
Tubes, torrents, boards and other free sites 32 78.05%
Pay for it on premium sites like Brazzers, RK, Bangbros 6 14.63%
I get it in other way (care to explain, please) 3 7.32%

I've been monitoring many social networks where people are talking about porn. And when someone asks "Where do I get porn?" or "Is it safe to buy porn" - he gets dozens replies with pornhub, xvideos etc links and saying 'Are you an idiot to pay for it?'

At the same time FileLockers were making a bank before Adult King pull them PayPal and credit cards down (http://www.stopfilelockers.com/). I've seen a few FL stats of webmsters sharing porn via pirate boards - they are making a few hundreds a day, just like an average affiliate has made a few years ago. Now they have lost significant amount of their revenues, but they still don't give up.

The bottom line: there're still money in porn to be made, but you have to be creative.

SignBucks has doubled its sales over the year in 2012. That's because I've focused at new adult markets and traffic sources. For me as affiliate traffic remains a key. I've spent thousands in dollars in bought traffic (tubes, tgp, blogs, cjs, PPC, EroAds, etc) with almost 0 return. Classic traffic doesn't buy and that's a fact. I've succeed with unique approach by googling keywords and getting the traffic from communities where the stuff is being discussed. We have done a lot for SE optimization and get more relevant traffic which buys better. Now I'm in the situation where I have not that much traffic at my network of sites, but it buys. Those hundreds of thousands and millions of uniques at tubes buy nothing and are suitable only for traffic brokers. I know that many people are still making money that way, but I just lost mine. A few thousands of dollars to almost no sales at all. I've even hired traffic manager for my celebrity properties (high sales, low ratio), we have bought highly targeted traffic which was available in small amounts... I've spent $650 and got nothing (it clicks good though :D).

my experience with mainstream traffic
*2102 stats are since june

There's another major issue with billing companies, especially the major one - CCBill. I've made 300% more over the year at stand alone software (Nats, custom built) and like 30-50% more at CCBill, Verotel, Epoch, etc. It's also because those stand alone programs offer high PPS, but the difference is still significant. 3-rd party billings aren't that good at processing nowadays and with market in decline it's a disaster. Industry is begging for a new payment solution.

And the most significant flow from my perspective is program owners clueless about what's going on. They are doing nothing to change things. Yeah, you guys can shot more content, redesign your paysites a few times a year, drop a price to $10, but it doesn't help anything.
Only a few fight for their content, seek some billing solutions.

That's what I see. What's your point of view on what's going on and how can we overcome that?

P.s. Also check this

02-12-2013, 10:07 PM
My work is one of those different markets, somewhat separated from your basic mainstream porn. Basically all of my customers, and we got our first customer for David-Nudes.com in October 2008, want HD soft-core. Is there more money to be made in pure porn? I dont know, and see that as a different business than the one Im running. Same as someone who makes and sells gay content vs shemale, its just a different audience. The way Ive been able to be successful so far is to establish a brand with my core audience, get them to follow me, share me, (worship me..:) j/k) and then out of loyalty, they buy repeatedly over their relative customer lifetime. Give me one satisfied customer, and I can sell to him or her for life. That basic principle I think has been lost on the internet-age of sales. Maybe we forget that all business is based on people. So thats how I do my best to stave off piracy and too much free stuff, to depend on the human nature trait of loyalty in business. Hope that makes sense!

Jimmy Olson
02-13-2013, 12:43 PM
Traffic is has been going down since 2009 (tubes get most of it I guess), conversions are a little bit down, but not much, really.... Most annoying thing are all those sponsors who cheat and don't pay.

02-13-2013, 02:39 PM
i never pay for tube traffic.. honestly it's a waste of money

mobile going good though, and in niches.. just be careful there is a billing solution at a price point for the traffic though..

02-13-2013, 09:13 PM
mobile going good though, and in niches.. just be careful there is a billing solution at a price point for the traffic though..

can u be specific about mobile traffic and sales please?
what are the main characteristics for mobile traffic?
what's special about it? how can webmasters better promote mobile paysites?