View Full Version : Webmasters - what do you prefer CCBill or NATS?

05-24-2013, 10:12 PM
I've been asked many times by various programs what's better for webmasters or what do they prefer. Every time i say the same: it depends.

That's how it works from my perspective.
I promote like 4,000 sponsors (around 13k paysites) in all genres (straight, gay, fetish, bdsm, toons) with niched directory sites, small network of tubes and other sites generating about 1,000 sales monthly. Also i do a few cam sites (side business) and high rolling in celebrity niche.

From my perspective it's not that easy. I don't like CCBill. I enjoy getting a single check from them, but on the other hand my CCBill sales aren't growing. It might be not their fault, since i'm growing only because PPS sales with huge programs like program3, nasty$, mofos, etc. On the other hand my sales with Verotel are medium, while it's like $100 a month with Epoch, Inet-Cash, DhD and Zombaio.

Also i don't see any patterns between sales and back-end other than one i've specified above. But again it's $30-$35 PPS what makes a change and those are specific programs i'm succeed with and back-end is just a part of a program.

Now your turn)