View Full Version : New promo tools added for VD Bucks affiliates

03-02-2016, 11:52 PM
We just added new promo material for TuktukPatrol (http://tuktukpatrol.com).

5 FHGs, 1 trailer, 1 tube clip and 2 zipped photosets. Login at VD BUCKS (http://www.vdbucks.com) and check them out now. Here are some quick previews:

TUK-TUK PATROL - 5 FHGs, 1 trailer, 1 tube clip & 1 zipped photoset.

Apple2 - Set 1 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_apple2_set_1_photo.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/apple2-set-1-photo/)
+ Same gallery with embeded trailer (http://tuktukpatrol.com/apple2-set-1-video/)

Apple2 - Set 2 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_apple2_set_2_photo.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/apple2-set-2-photo/)
+ Same gallery with embeded trailer (http://tuktukpatrol.com/apple2-set-2-video/)

Apple2 - 4min Clip (+12 pics from above gallery)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_apple2_4min_clip.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/apple2-4min-clip/)

Video embed URLS - Use your own player or log in to VDBucks.com to get our hosted embed codes:
Trailer URL: http://hosted.vdbucks.com/ttp/video/apple2_trailer.mp4
Trailer IMG: http://hosted.vdbucks.com/ttp/video/apple2_trailer.jpg
4min Clip URL: http://hosted.vdbucks.com/ttp/video/apple2.mp4
4min Clip IMG: http://hosted.vdbucks.com/ttp/video/apple2.jpg

Remember: New tools are added often and may not be reflected here so remember to check inside VdBucks affiliate program often for more tools to get a head start on others for promo tool releases!

Have a great week slinging our sleaze and don't forget, you're only as old as the women you feel!