View Full Version : Serious Business: Get your biggest cam aggregator for $750/mo

09-22-2015, 09:10 PM
You can get www.GirlsDoCam.com kind of site on your own domain for $750/mo. You have to specify 20 webcam APIs or WLs with current cam sponsors and you are all set. Why do you need it? Because it sells much better than any whitelable and traffic performs at least 2x better than the best whitelables in terms of session length, pages/visit and bounce rate.

We suggest some very break thru options:
- almost 5,000 girls online every single moment;
- real Geo location, customer gets models from his country on the top;
- tags for every models are specified by professional editors who brought u SignBucks;
- we host all the content available for model and keep their profiles up to date
- script can be customized upon your request.

There're many tweaks and features to be released in coming months.

Script and database can not be sold stand alone, since there's constant work on both script and db. Limited number of licenses to be sold.

$6,000/y deal available.

Mail me mrdeiz signbucks com or skype me mr.deiz to proceed.