View Full Version : IWAMS 2015 + New VDBucks promo tools added!

09-18-2015, 06:32 AM
Firstly, we wish to let you all know that we will be attending Webmaster Access in Amsterdam. If you are planning to attend or are already there, please send us a note to support@vdbucks.com as we would love to meet up with you to talk business and get to better know our affiliates.

In addition, we have just added new promo material for AsianSexDiary (http://asiansexdiary.com), HelloLadyboy (http://helloladyboy.com) and TuktukPatrol (http://tuktukpatrol.com).

10 FHGs, 2 trailer, 3 tube clip and 5 zipped photo sets. Login at VD BUCKS (http://www.vdbucks.com) and check them out now. Here are some quick previews:

ASIAN SEX DIARY - 1 FHG and zipped photoset

Sa - Set 1 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/ASD_sa_set_1_photo.jpg (http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/sa-set-1-photo/)

Next up, Hello Ladyboy! (see next post)

09-18-2015, 06:34 AM

Wine1 - Set 1 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_wine1_set_1_photo.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/wine1-set-1-photo/)

Wine1 - Set 1 - Video
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_wine1_set_1_video.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/wine1-set-1-video/)

Wine1 - Set 2 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_wine1_set_2_photo.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/wine1-set-2-photo/)

Wine1 - Set 2 - Video
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_wine1_set_2_video.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/wine1-set-2-video/)

Next up, Tuktuk Patrol! (see next post)

09-18-2015, 06:36 AM
TUK-TUK PATROL - 5 FHGs, trailer, tube clip & 2 zipped photosets

Mint - Set 1 - Photo (12 soft pics)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_mint_set_1_photo.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/mint-set-1-photo/)
+ Mint - Set 1 - Video (http://tuktukpatrol.com/mint-set-1-video/) (12 soft pics + hard trailer video)

Mint - Set 2 - Photo (12 hard pics)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_mint_set_2_photo.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/mint-set-2-photo/)
+ Mint - Set 2 - Video (http://tuktukpatrol.com/mint-set-2-video/) (12 hard pics + hard trailer video)

Mint - 4min Clip (12 soft pics + 4min hard video)[/B]
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TTP_mint_4min_clip.jpg (http://tuktukpatrol.com/mint-4min-clip/)

Remember: New tools are added often and may not be reflected here so remember to check inside VdBucks affiliate program often for more tools to get a head start on others for promo tool releases!

Have a great week slinging our sleaze and don't forget, you're only as old as the women you feel!