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08-26-2015, 11:21 PM
Hey guys, just added new promo material for AsianSexDiary (http://asiansexdiary.com), HelloLadyboy (http://helloladyboy.com) and Trike Patrol (http://trikepatrol.com).

7 FHGs, 2 trailers, 3 tube clips and 4 zipped photosets. Login at VD BUCKS (http://www.vdbucks.com) and check them out now. Here are some quick previews:

ASIAN SEX DIARY - 1 FHG, 1 tube clip & 1 zipped photoset

Nid - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/ASD_nid_set_1_photo.jpg (http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/nid-set-1-photo/)

Next up, Hello Ladyboy! (see next post)

08-26-2015, 11:22 PM
HELLO LADYBOY - 4 FHGs, 1 trailer, 1 tube clip & 2 zipped photosets

Cheez1 - Set 1 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_cheez1_set_1_photo.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/cheez1-set-1-photo/)

Cheez1 - Set 1 - Video
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_cheez1_set_1_video.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/cheez1-set-1-video/)

Cheez1 - Set 2 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_cheez1_set_2_photo.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/cheez1-set-2-photo/)

Cheez1 - Set 2 - Video
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/HLB_cheez1_set_2_video.jpg (http://helloladyboy.com/cheez1-set-2-video/)

Next up, Trike Patrol! (see next post)

08-26-2015, 11:25 PM
TRIKE PATROL - 2 FHGs, 1 trailer, 1 tube clip & 1 zipped photoset

Anne3 - Photo
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TP_anne3_set_1_photo.jpg (http://trikepatrol.com/anne3-photo/)

Anne3 - Video
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2015/TP_anne3_set_1_video.jpg (http://trikepatrol.com/anne3-video/)

Remember: New tools are added often and may not be reflected here so remember to check inside VdBucks affiliate program often for more tools to get a head start on others for promo tool releases!

Helpful Tips:

Secondly in this update, we wish to touch base on use of ads and offer some tips for maximizing your traffic. After taking a look at some of the great sites and pages that many of our affiliates have built to promote our sites with, we have noticed that some affiliates are not aware that their banners and ad graphics are not showing to anyone with browser extensions such as AdBlockPlus and NoScript.

We highly encourage affiliates to install these plugins (AdBlockPlus and NoScript) to test if all your ad areas are showing up properly. It's vital to your success and to how your hard work is displayed to the viewers.

Tips to minimize these addons from blocking your ads:

1. Try to avoid using javascript for displaying and pulling ads/content. NoScript typically blocks this type of content. Some viewers with alternative browsers may not be seeing it properly, either.
2. Avoid using filenames that have dimensions or site abreviations in it. While we name all our hosted and downloadable ads in a generic way, it is advisable that you rename any banners that you downloaded from VDBucks.com to something more unique, otherwise AdBlockPlus and addons like it are clever enough to block these from the viewers. While we name all our hosted and downloadable ads in a generic way like most other programs do, it does typically trigger blocking when not renamed to something unique.
3. Avoid using the words "banner", "ad", "advertisement" or anything of that nature in your titles, alts or filenames.
4. Avoid pulling the banners or ad graphics from a separate domain or server. NoScript typically blocks off-site-loaded elements and may trigger plugins like AdBlockPlus to treat them as being from an advertisement CDN.

Thank you for your attention to this and we hope to release more helpful tips like this as they arise.

Have a great week slinging our sleaze and don't forget, you're only as old as the women you feel!