View Full Version : SignBucks, 0dayPorno, BabesDaily are up for sale. 2M unqs/month

04-24-2015, 07:43 PM
Selling all my adult properties which include SignBucks.com, 0dayPorno.com, BabesDaily.com, network of cam whitelabels and some others (you'll get a list, 100+ domains). Some gems are not listed here (newly created site 10+ pages/visit, 12 min avg session cam site i have no time for).
The network generates steady $14k/month income. Half of that money comes from webcams revshare sales. Overall traffic is 2M/monthly, but it's very effective as u see from the income.
The sites run the same database.
Some key info on the sites:
signbucks.com is the biggest adult affiliate programs directory. It's webmasters resource site.
0dayporno.com features daily members area updates from 1,000 paysites. It got 50,000 scenes uploaded in a year.
babesdaily.com gets 0dayporno models. In 6months it will be able to recognize pornstars from new added scenes in real time. finishing the list of pornstars webcams.
exposedforums.com - 100% self-submitted forum with premium members area
I don't mention in public some other good sites which are in the deal. The sites are well interlinked and in-house traffic has much better than average scores. The point is that you can have some great business model by running adult database which gets projected into affiliate programs site for webmasters, categorised paysites for surfers, members area content obtained from those paysites, models specified for content, model id community, webcams models directory (along with pornstars directory doing cams).

Hosting costs are as low as a few hundreds of dollars. There're a team of dedicated people working on each site you'll be able to extend contracts with.

Asking price is $175,000. It's negotiable. The price is reflecting the complexity of the sites. All the sites are unique and have big technological advantage compared to competitors. You'll start getting ROI the same day we make a deal because of constant sales and revshare rebills we get. Another big advantage is that those are multisource earnings so you don't depend that much on any specific program. There will be $5k sitting in accounts once u buy it.
I'm interested to pass you the whole business along with my vision on things. All the business processes are working smoothly, i'm proud of the team I've built who works on those sites.

Selling it because i need to focus on mainstream developments.
We can meet in person at your location 2 times: to finalize the deal and to finish transition. I'll be 24/7 available during the transition process, I'll pass you all the accounts with every program along with NiftyStats database and will manage every aspect of it to make it as smoothly as possible. I'll be available for the next 6m for consultations and advices.
If you have experience with big traffic management it'll be a killer for you.

Want it? Write me at mrdeiz signbucks.com or skype me mr.deiz
Business manager: marshal signbucks.com