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02-18-2015, 12:09 PM
Dear Webmasters,

we present to your attention the project Slimspots - CPA Ad Network! (http://www.slimspots.net)

http://slimspots.com/static/portal/gfx/logo_slimspots.png (http://www.slimspots.net)

We accept all types and volumes of traffic to different conditions!

slimspots is an exclusive CPA network with thousands of successful partners around the globe. Our strategy is to bring advertisers and publishers together to create a win-win relationship, attaining the best results for all the parties concerned. Publishers require products which convert well on their websites, fair payouts and long term business relationships and advertisers require access to publishers in order to push their products quickly and cost-effectively.

Currently, we reach 50 million desktop and 20 million mobile users every day. Actually, at present, we are ranked at around 600 in the Alexa Website rankings table. However, because we are growing so quickly, these figures are changing every month.

If you wish to join slimspots then just go to the slimspots website and signup. If you are an advertiser then contact us for further information on how to reach millions of users worldwide.

ACCEPT ALL NICHES (Adult, Mainstream, etc.)!
GEO Targeting - Worldwide. Pay for visitors from all countries.
Child pornography/Zoophilia/Rape etc. is forbidden.

The affiliate program shows the different types of statistics.

Promotional materials:
In addition redirect links and banners, one of the advantages Slimspots are a lot of promotional tools for mobile devices.
The main promotional materials: Banners, Impopads, Directlinks, Popunders, Invideo Spots, Invideo Plugins, Mobile Banners, Mobile Directlinks, Mobile Redirect Scripts, Mobile Popunders.
Ref. Program for webmasters.

For over 5 years, we have to make payments to our partners without delay and delay. Frequency of weekly or on request.
Minimum for payout is $ 50.
Payment methods: Paxum / PayPal / Wire.

Friendly support service is ready to help you solve almost any problem! Individual approach to each client.
Communicate with your manager, you can by tickets in the admin system, as well as on Skype / Email.

06-29-2015, 01:55 PM

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