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05-17-2013, 05:19 PM
Those are some tips for paysite owners how to make your site more visitors friendly.

Specify for each scene: date added, title, description, male & female models

1. Keep it niched. It's bad to have lesbian, toying, softcore and hardcore content on the same site. We can't categorize your site correct for Signbucks. There should be a focus on some main theme like MILF, Teen, Anal, Amateur, Interracial, etc. Visitors have their beloved genres. It's harder for them to follow you if you bring various genres on the site. If you have enough content for a few different genres it's better to create separate sites for each.
2. Besides keeping the scenes of your site niched you should also design your site correct so visitors get the idea. If you feature your site in anal genre - it should contain asses and thumbs you choose for scenes preview should be with anal (at least one per scene if you use many thumbs for preview of each scene). It's very common mistake that the tour doesn't feature site content and domain name.
3. I have seen a dozen of paysites using different domain name and site name they write in the header and use for recognition. That way you'll be confusing your visitor, which might lose you some traffic.
4. You may use some special scripts to manage your members area and tours (content, updates and members management).
5. Use members area protection script like Strongbox which effectively protects your members area content from being illegally distributed and prevents hacked accounts from accessing your members area. It's not perfect, but it's very efficient. If your members area content ends up all over the pirate sites you can get it removed with the help of Take Down Piracy or some other company of the kind.
6. I suggest you to make your tour the same as members area in terms of design and content management. So you get more time on your hands and visitors sees what he gets. You can use either previews for tours or link thumbs to join page.
7. As for preview you can use either a trailer cut from your best scenes (3-5 min) or 1-3 min preview of each video. For pics use smaller thumbs in the number which gives an idea what the scenes are about.
8. Many visitors get hooked by specific models. If some girls appear many times on your site - it's good to link all the scenes together in model's profile. Create a separate page on your paysite featuring all the models profiles you've got with complete list of scenes the girls are featured at. Provide the same option in your members area. Provide additional details for your models like stage name (don't display model's real name unless you've got permission), age on the set, nationality, birthday/astrological sign, etc. This will make your user interface better and you'll get more traffic from search engines and affiliates.
9. Use realistic descriptions for your videos rather than some fancy texts. Specify what's special about that set, some model's characteristics like body, personality, wearings, etc.
10. Content requirements: Mp4 video with streaming & download options. Photos in normal and high quality with download (.zip) option
11. Release each set in single update, don't do part1, part2, etc
12. Include male's name in scene description if he's visible

05-25-2013, 09:39 PM
Valuable advices, thank you.

06-09-2013, 02:28 AM
Probably the biggest answer would be - how do visitors find your site in the first place. I'm actually thinking that filesharers do their fair share of "promotion" before the files get taken down so this is how sites get established quickly in the first place.

06-12-2013, 05:08 PM
Great advice. #8 is particularly true. We get many members that are there to download only one models shoot. They almost ignore the 1000 other models we have.

01-16-2014, 08:38 PM