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12-12-2014, 04:36 PM
Is there a way to find AFFILATES that have well developed followings....Where do I find them?? I have set up an affiliate program on my site but it has only been up a few weeks & no one really knows about it. I need to get some already established affiliates registered - BE AN ANGEL!!! MAKE A SUGGESTION....I'm am learning step by step

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01-22-2015, 01:19 PM
A few good ways to find affiliates is first, make yourself known to affiliates through channels in which affiliates communicate. Such as discussion forums, etc... Just make sure not to spam your affiliate program right off the bat as some discussion forums revolve around their own programs. The best thing to do in these channels is to start discussions by sharing knowledge or any insights. Given that you share good content, you are bound to make some valuable connections.

Other channels include conferences. Like the one currently going on: Internext and Affiliate Summit. It goes a long way to meet people face to face and typically these events are frequented by very experienced and very well connected affiliates.

Expose your program to sites like this one. This way your program will easily be found through search or by chance as affiliates are always on the lookout for new programs.

Start a blog via your affiliate program with really good content and good SEO strategies. Good content is KEY. If you share valuable information that will go a long way for affiliates be more open to working with you.

As Mr. Diez said in another post: small affiliates tend not to generate as many sales any more.

A lot of small affiliates are jumping on promoting dating sites which offer small payouts that convert on email submits... as in on a pay-per-lead model. This is beneficial for the small affiliate because they can get their payouts fast, but its hard on the merchant as there's risk that the leads won't convert to a sale.

With these pay-per-lead offers, small affiliates are more willing to jump on them as their easier to convert, however the larger more experienced affiliates know that pay per sale and revshare are more sustainable ways to build their business.