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08-16-2014, 10:51 PM
This week we are proud to announce the launch of Warm Sweet Honey (http://www.tacamateurs.com/refer/ID000329/warmsweethoney/) to the TAC Amateurs Network.

http://www.tacamateurs.com/sitethumbs_affiliates/screengrabs/warmsweethoney.jpg (http://www.tacamateurs.com/refer/ID000329/warmsweethoney/)

Warm Sweet Honey is an aptly named curvy British MILF who's no stranger to the industry and loves everything from exhibitionism to gangbangs and bukkakes.

She has some good quality content and would be great for converting BBW / Mature traffic. You can find Honey's promo content HERE (http://www.tacamateurs.com/cgi-bin/webmasters/myfhgs.pl?webtitle=WarmSweetHoney&cats=&records=11431&search=Search&type=&thumb=1&webtitle2=WarmSweetHoney&header=&pagelength=60). Look out for new Honey content every Friday.

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