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08-11-2014, 09:12 PM
As some of you may have noticed by now, we have a brand new site listed on VD BUCKS (http://www.vdbucks.com). Teaming up with experienced and talented Colombian porn producer, Cristian Cipriani and his lovely wife and skilled photographer in her own right, Andrea Garcia, we are extremely proud and happy to announce the official launching of RealPornLife.com (http://www.realpornlife.com)!

Based in various production locations throughout Colombia (and beyond), Cristian and Andrea provide close-up and personal accounts of what their lives are like as Colombia's only hardcore porn producing couple. With candid interviews of aspiring porn talent, hilarious behind-the-scenes stories and footage, and loads of hot hardcore Latina action, they bring a unique and personal style in their videos that contributes to a very addictive "reality show" type of feel.

With frequent updates for members to follow and loads of promotional content for you to entice new joins with, we are confident RealPornLife will convert and retain well with your Latina or Reality niche traffic. So please, take a look at the site, check out the promo tools we have added thus far and let us know if you need anything further or have any questions. With that, we wish you great luck in promoting this new & exciting reality site from Colombia, RealPornLife.com (http://www.realpornlife.com)!

TOUR SCREENSHOT (click to preview)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2014/rpl_tour.jpg (http://www.realpornlife.com)

FHG EXAMPLE (click to preview)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2014/rpl_fhg.jpg (http://realpornlife.com/fhg/laura-swim-class-set-2/?nats=NC4xLjE3LjU0LjAuNDQyNC4wLjAuMA)

MEMBERS AREA SCREENSHOT (click to preview)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2014/rpl_mem.jpg (http://www.realpornlife.com/)

Have a great week and see you in Montreal at the Qwebec Expo if you're going!