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07-16-2014, 02:41 PM
I just launched MormonGirlz.com (http://www.mormongirlz.com) -- very excited to bring sister missionary sex to the world one week at a time.

I'll be posting zipped bundles of affiliate content here once a week.

Go to mormongirlz.com/webmasters/ (http://www.mormongirlz.com/webmasters/) to sign up, and let me know if you need anything else!


07-16-2014, 05:23 PM

Sister Young & Sister Davis, Part 2 (http://mormongirlz.com/affiliate/005_140403_mgz8_affiliate.zip)


Sister Young & Sister Davis, Part 1 (http://mormongirlz.com/affiliate/003_140403_mgz7_affiliate.zip)

Sister Clark & Sister Sorkin, Part 2 (http://mormongirlz.com/affiliate/004_140408_mgz10b_affiliate.zip)

Sister Clark & Sister Sorkin, Part 1 (http://mormongirlz.com/affiliate/001_140408_mgz10a_affiliate.zip)

Sister Clark, Solo (http://mormongirlz.com/affiliate/002_140408_mgz9_affiliate.zip)

ABOUT MORMONGIRLZ.COM (http://www.mormongirlz.com)

Mormon girls are beautiful, young, polite, and —- as new footage reveals —- really raunchy. When a Mormon girl goes on a mission, she’s sent far from home and teamed up with another young girl, her companion. They lead very disciplined lives, waking early every day to go door to door and find converts for the church. But behind closed doors, these Mormon girls are anything but innocent. The trove of new footage shows them masturbating, fingering each other, eating pussy, and even fucking each other with strap-ons.

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