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05-02-2014, 11:43 AM
Everyone knows the industry is facing challenges these days and I'm not going to waste time going through them all. But one that has faced the UK for the last couple of years has been that of regulation, primarily in reaction to the amount of free porn on the internet, and the need to make steps to protect minors from being able to access it.

This is not just a UK issue though, and more widespread measures will certainly impact businesses globally. Some businesses have moved themselves (theoretically, or otherwise) overseas to avoid being regulated, and others are keeping quiet and hoping they won't get picked up. However, the most practical way of dealing with regulatory issues is to meet them head on, be proactive and as an industry collective, steer the debate in the direction which satisfies regulators, public opinion, and us as businesses.

A number of providers in the UK have joined together to form the `Adult Providers Network` and we regularly meet informally to discuss industry issues, help each other, share experiences and do some business together. We're not affiliated with ATVOD, Ofcom, or any governmental organisation. We're simply a collective of responsible adult businesses trying to steer the direction of our industry in a way which keeps us all IN business!

Our next meeting: You should come along!
Age Verification in Practice - Workable solutions for the Adult Industry
On Thursday 15th May we're going to be holding our next meeting in London. There's no charge and complimentary refreshments (yay!). The agenda this time will be about practical age-verification solutions and we have guest speakers from a number of age verification provision services. The meeting will be of great interest to;

* Existing ATVOD registered businesses
* UK adult businesses who have not yet been contacted by ATVOD
* Businesses from outside the UK who want to fact-find and start preparing for when similar regulatory measures are imposed in your business jurisdiction.
* Clip store owners and producers, whether they've been shut down, under regulation, under threat of closure, or just worried.
* Anyone else concerned about regulation, and the current state of the adult industry

It doesn't matter about your business size, and solo cam models and back-bedroom website owners are very much welcome indeed. Donít worry about having to play an active role, you can just come along and listen so if a fact find and some free coffee is what you hope to get out of things, then that's okay.

By coming along, you will not only be able to find out more about ways to satisfy regulatory criteria but also meet others in the industry and do a little business too.

There is no charge, but we do have limited space available. If you would like to attend, please drop me a line at robin@britsexcash.com for more details. We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!