View Full Version : Porn addics. It's a huge scale now

02-13-2013, 03:45 PM
I frequently read many stories on porn addiction while monitoring my keywords. Those are the most interesting ones i find i'd like to share. It appears it's a problem now on a huge scale, especially among youngsters
your thoughts?

How to stop watching porn? I know the answer to this seems simple, but I need a serious answer. This is a problem in my life that I continue to "downsize" the issue. I'm a 19 yr old guy and I watch porn. I typically watch it at least 2 times or 3 times a week via youtube or my 3ds. I'm at the point where after I watch the porn, I don't feel guilty, like it's ok. In my mind, I tell myself, "Masturbating is healthy for your body, you can't just stop doing it forever. It's ok to do it, but what other methods do you know of besides watching porn to help you? You don't know any. Without porn, it's super boring." That is the excuse I use in my head in a nutshell. But I am confronting this issue head on b/c I am in discipleship training with a friend of mine and if I want to be a disciple, I need to rid myself of the evils of porn. He told me God believes porn is NOT okay and he said masturbating is bad too (I disagree with that), but I agree with the porn thing. But even after he kept repeating to me how bad it was and how God did not like it, in my mind I said to myself, "You know you're still going to watch it. There's really no reason to listen to him" To me, this sounds like the devil talking in my head. I really need help. Any suggestions on how to slowly stop watching porn? Please, I really need help.
Actually, masturbating doesn't make me happy, it's just something that makes me feel good. But in some parts of scripture, it does say you should not think lustful thoughts and stuff like that. When I watch porn, I think of lustful thoughts. But I suppose the best thing I can do is pray to God for his help in ridding me of this evil.My gf of 1 mnth is addicted to porn and has been for 10 years. Is this unhealthy for our relationship? We only see each other once or twice a week and when we do we have sex. She says it's amazing and satisfies her but when we aren't able to meet up she results to porn....

My husband broke his promise twice? When we first started dating I let my husband know that I am not ok with him watching porn. With him being a former porn addict I made him promise that he wouldn't look at it again. 1 year after we are married he "slips up" and looks at it. I forgave him and he promised it would never happen again. I just found out he has once again betrayed my trust and was masturbating to porn. My trust in him is crumbling and my self respect and confidence are gone. I just feel walked over. I love my husband, I don't want to lose him. What do I do? Is it unreasonable to be hurt by this? How can I make our marriage a happy one again? Do you think married men should look at porn? Please help. .