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03-10-2014, 03:57 PM
It was always important for me to understand porn guys. Sure it's rather subconscious and it's hard to analyze, but let me try. I'll share my thoughts once in a while once i come up with something interesting

So ppl watch porn because it makes them pleased and it's basic commodity, kinda sex substitute with even better virtual effects.
Porn gets created by people who do it professionally. Some of them just do it for money, but most do it because they enjoy it and it makes them money (would like to read some producer's confessions below). There's also a huge amount of amateur porn created by people themselves just to share them on sites like imagefap.com or exposedforums.com

Porn watchers or surfers are quite un-understandable for me, since i try to analyze them for years, but always failed. I couldn't create any popular porn site, though i'm making pretty good money in porn. There's a huge amount of porn watchers since almost every men and women in modern world watch porn. The core problem is that we want to make them pay for it, while they prefer to get it free from pirate sites. So far i have noticed such patterns:
- there're big groups of fans of specific models (freeones.com, peachyforum.com), and very fewer of specific sites (twistys, brazzers, metart)
- people tend not to comment on porn (check biggest pirate forums like pornbb.org, planetsuzy.org) - there're very few comments compared to their visitors;
- porn is bought by not sophisticated customers, those who now very little how internet works. more sophisticated ones go to free zone
- it was big news for me, but major porn sites like bangbros, brazzers, pornpros, naughtyamerica, etc do like 70k-100k+ operations per month (includes sales, rebills, voids, refunds, etc). they are making around 1M/ monthly and it's 100% solid data i've witnessed at the end of 2013.
- most of ppl have very perverted perception how this industry works. some think porn should be free, some just don't care where it comes from and go to tubes. there's very back culture of consuming porn or a lack of one for porn.

those are my observations, please share yours

03-10-2014, 04:17 PM
Porn surfers groups
I find those groups of porn surfers
- stable communities like pornbb, planetsuzy, freeones, etc. ppl staying on the sites for years;
- Google/SE - looking for general and specific porn stuff, mostly occupied by tubes and pirate sites. SE traffic is huge, but it's not that quality and isn't that willing to buy (actually searches should be classified further into specifics)
- traffic networks like CJs and CJ-tubes. Never understood that kind of traffic, but there're still big number of CJs and CJ-tubes networks with blatant redirects and aggressive ads, mostly selling their traffic since it's almost impossible to convert (1:100k ratio is even cool for those).

Community sites could be either big pirate sites or sites devoted to specific genre or fetish.
We are going to focus on popular porn sites and make a directory of those.