02-26-2014, 08:14 PM

We, here at HentaiBiz (http://www.hentaibiz.com), are pleased to announce the redesign of NINE HentaiBiz Premium Paysites!
After a little bit of tweaking, 3D Teen Sluts, Hentai Tube X and Hentai Cinema are our Top 3 Selling Sites!

All tours come with $1 trials, and a range of niches including Straight, Gay, Manga, and Shemale:
https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/hcinema.jpg (http://www.hentaicinema.com) https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/hpass.jpg (http://www.hentaipassword.com)https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/hsugars.jpg (http://www.hentaisugars.com) https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/hmania.jpg (http://www.hentaimania.com) https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/3dmodels.jpg (http://www.3dsupermodels.com)
https://www.hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/hshemale.jpg (http://www.hentaixshemales.com) https://www.hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/gayhentai.jpg (http://www.gayhentaiexposed.com) https://hentaibiz.com/images/special/ss300x250/htube.jpg (http://www.hentaitubex.com)

Fully Compatible Mobile Sites built for all popular platforms!

https://hentaibiz.com/images/m4.jpg (http://m.hentaicinema.com) https://hentaibiz.com/images/m6.jpg (http://m.hentaipassword.com)https://hentaibiz.com/images/m7.jpg (http://m.hentaisugars.com)

We are paying out up to $50 PPS on $1 & Trials!

We understand people want more cash for the traffic they send, contact us now to discuss custom deals on your PPS rate! :pimp

https://secure.hentaibiz.com/images/set17/808.gif (http://www.3dsupermodels.com)https://secure.hentaibiz.com/images/set17/907.gif (hentaicinema.com)

Advantages of HentaiBiz;

Weekly Payouts by Paxum, Payoneer, Wire, Check!

$1 Trials for 11 Premium mobile-ready Hentai Paysites!
Weekly Payouts
#1 3D CG paysites!
STXTube - Create your very own Hentai Tube Site! http://www.stxtube.com/
Over 1500 Hosted Galleries,
1500 sets of Free Content,
Over 500 Tube Movies!
Niched Morphing RSS Feeds, XML Feeds
Flash Banners, Animated Banners, Static Banners
We're always looking to speak with new people and new ideas; Hit us up!

02-26-2014, 08:24 PM
is there any exclusive content?

02-26-2014, 10:43 PM
is there any exclusive content?

we prefer to buy nonexclusive in bulk, often

so, while it won't be a 'find this here only!', it will be 'look at alllllll the content you get access to!'

Our members are happy :)