View Full Version : Female sex more expensive than male: How much porn stas make.

02-25-2014, 07:33 PM
Heh.. Can you tell me a profession where women is paid more than men? Immediately. Without hesitation. :confused: We used to think that men get more money for their work than women. This applies almost all areas of activity ... :beee: except porn!! :D ahahh yea :dance3:
The average male pornstar makes anywhere between $50 $1500. They are paid per scene (not per hour) and generally are not paid royalties. On the other hand, women can make up to quarter of a million dollars a year and some female pornstars have become so wealthy that they have retired young and rich. The richest porn star is Jenna Jameson who recently sold her $30 million club to Playboy for an undisclosed sum. :dance:

http://d2770i1y1fck5h.cloudfront.net/images/rectangle_636x/c6a5bf032120210c9e925816ffcf0b58f4ade01f.jpg?13923 85598

What do you think why is it so? Perhaps because porn focused on male contingent and women are considered as a leading roles actresses while men are perceived as a supporting actors? Or there are some other reasons?