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02-11-2013, 07:41 PM
Get tube clips database to power your legal porn tube.
Those are tube clips provided by sponsors to promote their site, most are in 3-5min range aggregated by Signbucks editors (http://www.signbucks.com/tube-clips/list)

Many of those clips are hosted by the sponsor (defined by Crossdomain.xml option in the database). You can download all the clips and host on your server.

You get RSS updates with it.
The database completes all SignBucks.com clips (http://www.signbucks.com/tube-clips/list) obtained by checking more than 4,000 affiliate programs. Those are promo clips provided by sponsors. Those are the clips in Straight, Fetish, Gay, Shemale and Toons genres.

The price is $100.-
Paxum, RedPass, PayPal, BitCoin and WebMoney accepted

You get txt or csv file with tube clips links, thumbnail, description, tags, etc.

Hit me up if interested 469::367:::167 or mrdeiz :@: signbucks.com

05-04-2014, 07:55 AM
Some FAQ
[5/4/14, 9:36:02 AM] phantomdx: we have a tube site, and i saw your list with movies, my first question is are this movies legal to use ?
[5/4/14, 9:37:46 AM] John D: you mean those http://www.signbucks.com/tube-clips/list ?
[5/4/14, 9:37:55 AM] phantomdx: yes
[5/4/14, 9:38:37 AM] John D: yeah, those are promo clips provided by sponsors for promo purposes. we are the biggest directory of adult affiliate programs and grab those clips where they available
[5/4/14, 9:39:07 AM] John D: you can build your tube with those to promote those programs and to sell traffic
[5/4/14, 9:40:25 AM] phantomdx: so if i take clips from there and host them on our system, i don't have to make banners and backlinks etc they are happy if the video is online somehwere and it's branded with theyer logo or domain inside the video ?
[5/4/14, 9:41:08 AM] John D: yeah, it's watermarked (not big). it's 100% legit, no problem anyone has ever had for years
[5/4/14, 9:41:36 AM] phantomdx: ok thats great to mix under other content to get bigger database