View Full Version : Big tubes content partner program

02-11-2014, 07:53 AM
Was always how does it work for content guys. Just got a few responses

We tested this bad bad idea out.
- Give away 10 minute clips - bad idea
- Take the time to cut the clips for the partner program, some even require a custom watermark. - bad idea
- Use our time to upload and tag the free vids for the tubes - bad idea
- trust them when they say 10 minute clips and you can keep 100% of the joins - Nope, they have other tubes that pull the same vids then the banners on that tube have their affiliate code. Doesn't matter anyways. After uploading 20 vids, waiting for them all to go live, giving them time to generate sales...well lets just say for all of our work we made $12 bucks.
- good luck if you want them taken down after you submit to their partner program. Most tell you too bad, we already thought of that and fucked you over with our agreement.

Tube owners - good idea! Get suckers to give your their content so you can sell cams, dating and pills.

"it's great branding" Bullshit! It only brands your content as "FREE"
I'm amazed at how many producers give away their content.
The only way that makes any sense if you have a large network of sites and you give away a small percentage for "Branding"

If I'm wrong, prove it. lets see some proof of people making money with partner accounts.

you won't make any sales from submitting your videos to the major tubes, however you will increase your branding and people might start typing in your URLs after that... that's about as good as it gets

Submitting videos to tube wont convert but your brand with spread all over and later people type name direct and some of them certainly interested in taking access to website. If we don't submit with our link sooner or later some one else will put our videos on there so better work closely with them and avail what is possible.