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01-29-2014, 10:58 AM
And here is list of roles which i can do along with abilities.
Any kind of script installation
Content Deployment
Content Update
Modus operandi and quality culture development
Building sites based on traffic trades and other types of traffic generation
Analyze of money expenses and traffic buying opportunities
Building any kind of site and update them
2.Affiliate Manager
Helping current affiliates to build new sites specifically for affiliate program sites and assist with methods of traffic generation
Acquisition of new affiliates
Creation of promo material
Going to Europe based shows to promote program
3.Php programmer
-Development and maintenance of any project
-Project development with framework or from scratch
-Development of single interface to control all software aspects
4.System administrator
-Management of servers with any operative system(windows,unix,linux)
-Optimization of your current running servers
-Help with building software infrastructure to accelerate daily tasks
-Human capital management
-Productivity analysis
6.Seo speculator
-Analysis of current seo score
-Creation and implementation of Seo strategy
7.Jack of all trades
-All of mentioned roles before in one
Contact info: info at addtrades dot com