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12-29-2013, 02:08 AM
I found this forum by accident, while looking around of what's needed to create FHGs to my site. About me: I'm Mavis - I owe, support and draw at mydirtydrawings.com - my cartoon porn site.

Originally I'm webdesigner but since August 2012 I'm site owner and webmaster to my own site - I'm still learning what's needed - and I believe that there is actually money in porn. At least that porn I'm making. I did not managed to make a living from it yet. Still learning how to monetize it - reading articles, asking google, or visiting forums like this where wise people and webmasters are sharing their experience.

I am proficient in banner design, logos, mascots and making psd 2 html + css, Im able to create gif animations, or flash animations/intros etc/ but I prefer to pay attention on the development of my site. I'm very productive and I drink a lot of coffee....:crazy: