View Full Version : Members area upsells. What's your point of view?

02-12-2013, 12:01 PM
What is your experience with promoting some other paysites into your members area?

I've been working with Zemani.com on putting up some up-sells. I have agreed with them to share this information. The site has 300 active members. We have started with LiveJasmine webcams, but there have been a few clicks only a day and some few members complained on that, so we stopped (program owners was very negative about putting some other paysites, so we tried only webcams and dating).

I know a few other programs doing up-sells by promoting competitors' sites. And they are doing pretty well. All the sites have exclusive content and cater almost the same niches.

02-12-2013, 10:12 PM
Well...one of the only ways to make friends and grow targeted traffic is to accept offers for members area ad trades. Imagine if Met-Art came to you and said they would put up an ad recommending your site network on every page of their members area? Well, you would say yes. As long as you are recommending something you like and actually personally recommend to your paying members, and the other members site reciprocates, then I think it is one of the most effective and important parts of the business. Same as when Amazon shows you 'what others looked at' and 'what others bought who bought this', which is how they do massive cross sells.

02-13-2013, 07:17 AM
Usually cams can work good for upsells.
You can try for example with a whitelabel from Stremate with 1-click integration. With this system you can add cam iframes in your members area and when the user clicks the ad, an account is automatically created for him on the cam site and he is already logged into his account right away. Then when he decides to go live/private with a girl it will charge the card that that he used to join your site. So there is no need for him to create an account and no need to fill out any card info. Streamate has integration for this with most big billers.

Normal ads for paysites will work as well, but make it subtle (don't add too many or too big banners, just an ad in the footer and/or side bar should be sufficient). You might not get many clicks, but it's possible to get conversions of 1:15 or better if you do it the right way. Discounts/special deals usually work the best. Make deals/trades with the sponsors so that they send sales back as well.

Also add a friends/discount section in the members area. There are always users looking for good deals on joining porn sites and most big sponsors offer discount links for members area traffic.

02-13-2013, 10:23 AM
hm i think you did it wrong ... why to put cams to soft site? and why to put there cams which everyone knows from public areas? if i will be trying zemani upsells, i would use for sure some total new unknown softcore site of course, people will at least click to check whats new, otherwise it is a waste of money push something that everyone knows ;) why would anyone click to livejasmin link in members area when everyone knows livejasmin already ;) for zemani i would try sites like infanaty or something like that once it will go live ;) have luck everyone! :)