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09-27-2013, 01:38 PM
VD Bucks Affiliates,

Here is the latest promo material from AsianSexDiary (http://asiansexdiary.com) & TrikePatrol (http://www.trikepatrol.com/t1/) just added to the Ad Tools section of VD BUCKS (http://www.vdbucks.com):

ASIAN SEX DIARY (http://www.asiansexdiary.com) - REAL amateur Asian pussy from all across Asia!
(past week's ratios - 1:331 raw/1:243 unique)

http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2013/ASD_25sep.jpg (http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/shen-in-manila-set-1-photo/)
PHOTO FHGs (15 photos)
Clair in Angeles - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/clair-in-angeles-city-set-1-photo/
Daisy in Philippines - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/daisy-in-philippines-set-1-photo/
Lee in China - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/lee-in-china-set-1-photo/
Shen in Manila - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/shen-in-manila-set-1-photo/

VIDEO FHGs (4-min video)
Anabel - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/anabel-set-1-4min-clip/
Ashley - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/ashley-set-1-4min-clip/
Benice - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/benice-set-1-4min-clip/
Isabel - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/isabel-set-1-4min-clip/

TRIKE PATROL (http://www.trikepatrol.com/t1/) - Picking up amateur Filipina pussy in a 3-wheeled motorcycle and fucking it on camera!
(past week's ratios - 1:273 raw/1:201 unique)

Chelsy - Horny Asian beach girl eagerly devours white cock as deep as she can take it
http://www.vdbucks.com/hosted/promo/2013/TP_25sep_chelsy.jpg (http://hosted.trikepatrol.com/fhg/chelsy-set-1-photo/)
Set 1 - http://hosted.trikepatrol.com/fhg/chelsy-set-1-photo/
Set 2 - http://hosted.trikepatrol.com/fhg/chelsy-set-2-photo/
Set 1 - http://hosted.trikepatrol.com/fhg/chelsy-set-1-video/
Set 2 - http://hosted.trikepatrol.com/fhg/chelsy-set-2-video/
Set 1 - http://www.vdbucks.com/hosted/zip/chelsy_set_1.zip
Set 2 - http://www.vdbucks.com/hosted/zip/chelsy_set_2.zip
Trailer - http://www.vdbucks.com/hosted/tp_trailers/chelsy_teaser.mp4
4-min clip - http://www.vdbucks.com/hosted/videos/chelsy.mp4

Exclusive and originally themed content from guys visiting foreign places, meeting the exotic local women and fucking the shit out of them on camera!

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