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08-07-2013, 10:34 PM
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My Week in Angeles City (http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/location-angeles-city-video/)
http://hosted.vdbucks.com/promo/2013/ASD_7aug_ac_vid.jpg (http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/location-angeles-city-video/)

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One Week in Angeles City - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/location-angeles-city-video/

Jang in Siam - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/jang-in-siam-set-1-photo/
Tik in Dannok - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/tik-in-dannok-set-1-photo/
Puy in Dannok - http://fhg.asiansexdiary.com/fhg/puy-in-dannok-set-1-photo/

Jang in Siam - http://hosted.vdbucks.com/asd/zip/jang_siam_set_1.zip
Tik in Dannok - http://hosted.vdbucks.com/asd/zip/tik_dannok_set_1.zip
Puy in Dannok - http://hosted.vdbucks.com/asd/zip/puy_dannok_set_1.zip

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