View Full Version : Payment issues

07-02-2013, 10:29 AM
Creating this thread just to keep track of those

Home grown cash - payments get counted, but not released
INET-Cash - specified a new address, but sending checks to the old one. ignore some emails
VideosZ - couldn't pay $150 referral as a bulk payment, released it manually after a few requests
SkinBoysCash.com - I've been called by my bank which informed me they couldn't process the check because it's issued by Canadian bank.

Also those are some idiots mentioning pornsites in check or wire payments:
GMBill on behalf of AbbyWinters.com - sent wire payment with AbbyWinters.com in bank desciption
IntenseCash - sent check with IntenseCash on the part which goes to bank (normal program print it on the part which gets cut)
GetScoreCash - post letter is branded with their name
HentaiKey - use Hentai USA for company name, both at mail and check which goes to bank.